Welcome to Tech Monkey

Our Drive and Goal


Tech Monkey is all about service. It is how we started and why we are still going strong. Any computer or network related problem you have we can fix it. When it comes to your equipment we don’t monkey around. Don’t let the apes boss you around, see a tech monkey and he’ll hang around until the problem is fixed.

Tech Monkey was started in 2003. However, we have been working in this field since 1997 repairing and troubleshooting personal computers, managing networks, managing Windows servers and doing cabling. The biggest problem we have noticed over our years in this industry is the very limited number of computer retail outlets that offer in-office or in-home services at an affordable rate. And the ones that do usually only deal with computers. They don’t have the tools and knowledge to do cabling or network design and setup.

However, while more and more computer stores are offering on-site service, our prices are still lower than any competitors simply because we do not have as many overhead costs like owning a store. All of our work is on-site so all we need are vehicles, highly skilled technicians and of course a monkey wrench 😉

A small list of the services we offer are;

  • Computer repair and troubleshooting
  • Virus and Spyware removal
  • Data Backup services (including online backup solutions)
  • Designing/Implementing/Managing networks
  • Cabling (data and telecom)
  • Website Design
  • Website/Email Hosting
  • Remote support
  • Remote monitoring and management of servers and workstations
  • Consulting on anything technical

We take care of all your needs, from your home computer to your office of 100 employees and their underlying network and servers.

We service the Montreal and surrounding areas. To reach us, simply call (514) 994-3837

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