Online Backup

First, I would like to explain to you what this service is and how it works. Online backup means that instead of doing your own backups and storing them in the same place as your computers or server, they are stored off-site, so you are protected against theft, fire or water damage or any other disaster that can occor at your office. Its one thing to actually have backups, but its another thing if they get distroyed along with your servers.

The servers are not the property of Tech Monkey, instead it is our affiliate who owns and runs the backup servers, all high-quality backup servers and nothing but high-end Cisco networking euipment to run everything. These are stored in a locked-down and very secure environment, here in Montreal. Once you have an account open with us, you will have a small piece of software to install on your computer or server which is where you configure what data to backup, how often to schedule it and what types of encryption to use for your backup.

There are many plans to choose from for the online backup starting at only $14.95 a month. When you think about it, to pay your average secretary who makes $15/hr to take 15 minutes every day to backup your data, that would end up costing you $75/month, including 5 hours lost of other work the secretary could have done. This software is all automated, very secure, and you will receive email updates if for some reason the backup was not completed successfully.

Here are just some of the advantages of having an off-site backup service:
Security back-ups are made in accordance with your schedule

  • you select when you want to have your back-up performed
  • daily, weekly or monthly

Security first

  • your data is safely stored away from your office in a specialized data center
  • your data may be encrypted before leaving your computer
  • our 128 bytes encryption level is the same as that used by banks

Once installed, the software will do all the work for you

  • your backups will be made automatically at the time that you have previously selected
  • you do not have to worry about having missed some directories
  • a backup successful completion email confirmation will be sent directly to your office

Very Efficient

  • only the modified files are saved
  • the security backup software is very user friendly

Access via Internet

  • you can access your data with any web browser
  • your data can be accessed from anywhere
  • you can carry your data from the office to your home and vise-versa

Share your data with friends and work colleagues

  • you can allow access by your friends, family or employees
  • create directories to share your team projects
  • transfer large files from one location to another
  • you can save data from as many computers as you desire

Many packages are offered

  • monthly billing in accordance with space utilisation
  • it is easy to protect your data from disaster

For any other information regarding secure and easy online backup for your company, please give us a call at (514) 994-3837.